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handmade earrings

Appreciating raw beauty

Hi, we’re Samantha and Ronnie, proud and messy ceramicists from Brisbane, Australia, with a passion for clay, glaze and making something a little bit unique. After making earrings for ourselves, friends and family, we were encouraged to share the earring love and go into business. And with that, Little Clay was wedged, shaped, covered in glaze, and fired in the kiln ready to share with you!

As we don’t manufacturer on a large scale (and let’s be honest, they wouldn’t be made with as much love if we did), we often only have a small quantity of each earring design available. Which means you’ll likely never run into someone with the same ones!

Little Clay earrings are fired in the kiln giving them a raw beauty that’s cool against your skin. Coupled with some incredibly gorgeous glazes and hypoallergenic stainless steel, we just know Little Clay earrings will be your favourites for years to come.